Friday, September 28, 2012

I got thinking about the Obama "recovery"

Remember at the end of Bush's  presidency?  When unemployment was around 5% ... and gas prices were about $1.85?  Remember how the media used to constantly be worried about "recession" the whole time Bush was president?  Oh yes, that's all they talked about, how recession was coming ... soon ... sooner than before ... any minute now ... right around the corner

But not anymore folks ... it's "recovery" time. As SOON as Obama "got president" the media changed its tune. Now it's nothing but "recovery."  Yes, we're in it right now ... are you feelin' it?  And don't you like the emperor's new clothes? 

Funny how the media presents things to the public depending on whether the president is a conservative or a liberal.  That's because they are very objective ... nope, no bias whatsoever.

But don't worry, all the printing of money couldn't POSSIBLY have a negative effect on us later ... nah, if you hear something like that (which you won't, from the media) just remember, that kind of thinking is just realistic conservative propaganda.

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