Friday, September 28, 2012

Car chases - LIVE, on TV

A man committed suicide live on Fox News a few minutes ago. FNC had been carrying a car chase in the Phoenix area and when the suspect pulled over, he ran down a dirt road, then stopped, put a gun to his head, and fell to the ground. No other national networks were carrying the chase.

Now see, I love it when the bad guy kills himself and saves us all any more trouble out of them.

When the man first exited the car, anchor Shepard Smith said presciently  ”You wait for the end of these things and you worry how they may end.” Viewers could hear Studio B crew members, who were watching a live feed of what was happening, gasp and Smith say, “Get off, get off, get off,” asking the control room to cut away. But they didn’t in time.

Yes, well, in my humble opinion, Shep Smith is a doofus and should be working on one of the lib networks like CBS, ABC, or NBC.

Fox then went to a commercial break. Upon returning, Smith said, “Well I’ve got some explaining to do.”
Smith explained that after the suspect exited the car, the network went into a five second delay, but that they failed to cut away.

And why would they "cut away?"  Is it because you can't handle real life ... or death?  What kind of candy-assed libtard is grossed out by some criminal crapstain blowing his own brains out?

“We really messed up, and we are all really sorry. That didn’t belong on TV. I personally apologize to you that that happened,” Smith added “That will not happen again on my watch, and I am sorry.” More here:

"Won't happen again on my watch."  LMAO.  Hey, Shep, do YOU control all the monitors and clips etc?  Or do they just put your words on the prompter and then they play the clips along with it?  Something tells me you aren't running the show over there like riding a bucking bronco ... just my two pesos.

Anyway, no need to apologize to ME, Shep ... I'd much rather see the suicide than have you idiot-libs "cut away" and spare my tender eyes ... you know ... for my own good.  Shut up you moron.

I mean, seriously, is it just me?  Sometimes I think I should rename this blog "Is it just me?"  Here's the video if you think your itty bitty pea brain can handle the trauma.


John Thomas said...

Spot on analysis. Oh, and I also agree, Shep is a liberal, pole smoking douche. I can't believe they continue to extend his contract.

Onecos said...

Not just you. I saw the video yesterday and am now psychologically altered for the rest of my life... NOT!

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