Friday, July 6, 2012

People are getting pissed at government - it's not fair

Did you know that people are getting the wrong idea about the evil of government?

Where could people be getting this idea? 

After all, it's not the fault of the government's action on the following:

Going after the evil rich (for their "fair share" doncha know.) Oh, and don't worry, the evil rich corporations will never raise your prices to pay for the taxes.
SQUAN-DER-ING your hard earned money on "green" companies (and when I say squandering, I mean giving their buddies millions and millions and then, when the companies go bankrupt, their buddies keep the money.)
Obama granting amnesty to about a million illegals.
Obama suing Arizona for defending its borders.
Obama suing Florida for ensuring its voter registration is correct.
Obama and the Democratics running up the national debt.
Obama and the Democratics shoving a huge tax increase health care law down our throats.
Obama and the Democratics refusing to produce a budget as MANDATED by the constitution
(Funny how they can't perform any of their actual "enumerated" powers (stable currency, protect the borders, produce budgets, etc etc.)  I guess they're too busy seizing more power and more of your money.

Anyway, the American people are taking a dim view of this ... and, as we previously said, it's not the government's fault ... you know whose fault it really is?  That's right, it's Fox News' fault. 

Fox News ... GRRRRRRRRRRRR.  Don't listen to THEM.  Listen to ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, NPR ... anybody but FOX NEWS!!!!

That's right ... just listen to one of Presidink Obama's senior advisors.

Yes, "Turn it off, TURN IT OFF!!!" And here's what the Presidink recently had to say on the subject.

PARMA, Ohio — At an unscheduled stop at Ziggy’s Pub and Restaurant, an Amherst, Ohio bar, President Barack Obama suggested that the channel be changed when he was made aware that televisions were showing Fox News. More here

Ha ha, it's not like the old days where these Democratics ALWAYS got away with their tyranny and power grabs. Now we have the new media etc ... and the power-hungry idiot-libs are hating it, HATING IT. 

The "mainstream" media is a dinosaur ... it's slowly becoming evident that it's over for them ... and they and their buddies (commies/libs) are squealing like pigs that just got caught eating the bear's kill.

Good lord, I can't WAIT until November, can you?

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