Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The way things are these days

So I ran across the first story about  Texas Representative Blake Farenthold ... actually the story was about a SWAT team raiding his sister's house for drugs etc.  In that story they mentioned how he won his election (over a 27-year "Democratic") even though the "tolerant Democratic" found a compromising pic of him and ran ads with it etc.  So I clicked on over to story about the election.

When I was reading THAT story I ran across another example of this ... a woman named "Krsytal Ball."  She was running for office in Virginia.  Well, I mean, c'MON ... Krystal Ball?  Caught in a compromising photo? I had to go see what that was all about.

Anyway, it's time to tell your kids to get wise to this crap. If you ever plan on running for office be sure you don't put yourself in any compromising positions like these people did.  Cameras are everywhere these days, outnumbered only by power hungry jackasses who will find and use these pics against you.

That's right, you're just having some fun with your friends and next you can't run for political office.  And why?  Two reasons, first, power hungry jackasses will not hesitate to do the wrong thing for power.  Secondly, the American people are idiots have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the media and don't bother thinking beyond anything the media tells them.

Its sort of like the American people have been led to believe that some people are prefect and others are flawed ... as opposed to the ACTUAL fact that everyone is flawed and has done some stupid things they regret.  

Some people have had their stupidity caught on camera ... and to the media, this somehow disqualifies them from public office.  Amazingly, it doesn't disqualify people from pundit/anchor desks.

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