Thursday, July 26, 2012

Liberals have a tough time learning

Shaun Tudor subjected a 10-year-old boy to a terrifying sexual assault, just minutes after being released from a secure unit

A clinical psychologist killed herself in a burning car after blaming herself when one of her patients sexually assaulted a ten-year-old boy, an inquest has heard.

Lisa Derriscott “couldn’t live with herself” after being told that convicted paedophile Shaun Tudor had committed the attack whilst on temporary, unsupervised release from his secure unit.

The 33-year-old doctor was a member of a large team that had approved Tudor’s two hour release.

When told of the assault, Dr Derriscott “obsessed” over it and became "quiet, distressed and withdrawn", the inquest heard.

Although the decision to release Tudor was not hers alone, she had quickly blamed herself and spent hours analysing her notes on the case to determine whether or not more could have been done.

Andrew Whittle, Dr Derriscott’s partner, said she had blamed herself for what happened "repeatedly" and had also talked of "not being able to live with herself" and "wanting to go to sleep and not wake up".

Her body was found on August 3 last year, two weeks after the attack.

The following day, Tudor, 43, pleaded guilty to attempted rape and sexual assault at Nottingham Crown Court.

He was jailed indefinitely and the judge said that it was probable he would never be regarded as safe enough to be freed. More here:

Really, judge?  Are you really getting your feet in cement here?  "Probable."  LMAO.

Well, at least this hadn't happened before, right?  Wait, WHAT?  It happened before?  With the same guy?

The sex offender, 43, who had previously assaulted a child while on leave from a different secure unit, was locked up indefinitely at Nottingham Crown Court. From here:

Gee, that's funny, the first article didn't mention that part.  I wonder why a Klown (with almost average intelligence) can find it by accident but it totally eludes a professional and objective jourrrrnalist.  How does that happen ... over and over and over again?

When are people going to come to the conclusion that psychologists are not gods?  Seems to me they're mostly full of shit ... and Tom Cruise agrees with me, soooo ....

Seriously though, I had some respect for psychology when I was a kid ... but it sort of ended when I found out how amazed they were that they could make Pavlov's dogs salivate by ringing a bell ... after they had been ringing the bell and then feeding them.  Who could have predicted this result?

And yet the libs are/were completely amazed by this and STILL teach about it in first year psych courses.  And whenever they discuss this great and significant discovery they all nod knowingly, puff on their pipes, and rub the patches on the elbows of their sport coats ... that's how you can tell they are geniuses.

So back to the judge who said that it was probable he would never be regarded as safe enough to be freed ... "probable." 

These days people are SO AFRAID to be "wrong" that they couch their language.  They use terms that aren't really specific so that a lawyer can't sue them later.  Ever notice how useless  "important" people do that?  That's why you get a bunch of non-sensical, double-talking crap out of public officials all the time. 

Lawyers have done so MUCH for the good of our society, don't you think?  I hope one day they get the recognition they so very richly deserve.

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