Monday, June 11, 2012

Coming soon ... the "debt ceiling" issue ... again

You might be asking yourself ... why do we have a debt ceiling anyway?  What does it do for us?

Actually, that's a very good question.  Allow me to give you my thoughts on it.

1) Having a debt ceiling ensures that our politicians won't go apeshit and put us in a debt situation from which we cannot recover without bankruptcy crushing our country for ourselves and our progeny ... i.e. fiscal responsibility.

2) Without a solid debt ceiling, congress can effectively raise your taxes without passing a law to raise your taxes.  For example ... let's say you have an 18-year old son living at home and you get him his own credit card (in your name of course.)  And he has an allowance/budget of $100 per month he is allowed to charge on the card (and you will pay it for him.)

One day he/she comes to you and says he wants you to give him $1500 cash so he can buy a big TV.  You refuse but he just charges it on the credit card instead.  And you'll be forced to pay for it because it's in your name.  It's that simple.

The Democratics want to spend your money but you won't allow them to raise taxes ... so instead, they just borrow more money (raise the debt ceiling)  ... and guess what ... you'll be paying for it.  Sure, your monthly/yearly payments might not go up but you'll be paying anyway.  And they're flushing the money down the toilet by giving it to their green-energy cronies ... who bankrupt their "companies" and then they leave with millions.

So it's like crashing your car without insurance and you still have payments left.  You're paying and paying but you have NO CAR.  THEY'RE CRUSHING YOU!!

If they stuck to their debt ceiling they wouldn't be able to steal your money with abandon.  Oh, and they're stealing your children's money too because no way will you EVER pay for this in your lifetime.   And the funniest part is, they (the Democratics) don't care.

Meanwhile, when is the last time they passed a budget?  This year? Answer: No. 
Last year? Answer: No.
The year before? Answer: No.
The past budget was passed in 2009 ... and since then they've been on a spending spree like never before in history.  And it's all free, right?  This won't affect you, right?

The EVIL Republicans have submitted budget after budget but Harry Reid/the Democratics won't allow a vote on it.   Why is that, do you wonder?

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