Monday, February 6, 2012

Idiot libs don't care about your kids

NEW PORT RICHEY, Florida -- A Pasco County mother is upset after she heard what happened at her son's school on Friday. Authorities said one student set a special education student on fire at Gulf Middle School in New Port Richey.

Michelle Craig said her son was visibly shaken about the incident. "He was upset. He was very upset. I could see it in his eyes," she said.

According to New Port Richey police, the incident happened in a boy's bathroom. The police report states one student "took a can of Old Spice body spray and lit the spray stream on fire." He then "directed the fire stream at fellow student." 

The victim's pants briefly caught on fire and the hair on his arm was singed.

The school's resource officer tells 10 News the victim was very scared and upset after the incident. Also, it doesn't appear the two students involved had an ongoing issue. In fact, the student who lit the flames has a clear disciplinary record at the school.

Really?  A "record?"  And somehow this little dipshit  is still allowed to pollute the learning environment with his presence.  But, hey ... at least nobody was seriously injured, right?  And when someone IS finally seriously injured we'll say "we did all we legally could." 

We all know that fear of lawsuits drives public (and private) policy now ... but hey, no reason to do anything about it at all.  No reason to take action whatsoever.  We'll all pretend that demonstrating idiocy is actually the way we show how smart we are, baaaaa-bleat.

The SRO doesn't believe it was a targeted attack, but more for "entertainment."

Yes, because in the normal world, setting others on fire is very entertaining ... we all know that much, right?  So, that explains it then, no more questions, please.

Craig said she's concerned about her son's safety at the school. "You expect your child to go to school and be safe, you know, and they're not. You don't know whether your kid is going to come home or what," she said.

The student was charged with aggravated battery. He is only 11 years old. It will be up to the State Attorney's Office to decide what happens next. 

Oh, whew, they're going to bring in the masterminds (i.e. State Attorney's Office - The SAO) Well, I think that, what ever happens, the State Attorney's Office should have to suffer equally (with any new victims) the consequences of their action/non action. 

In other words, any moron can see this perpetrator needs to be separated from the rest of polite society for a period of time (and perhaps forever.)  At age eleven, I think a period of one year isn't out of line.  Then the State Attorney's Office can reevaluate.  Perhaps even bring in a psychiatrist (and possibly place the sufficiently remorseful crapstain back into regular school.)

However, if the SAO and/or psychiatrist recommends putting the little jackass back with normal humans again then the they should be made to suffer equal consequences that another victim might incur within the first year.

For example, if the perp lights another person on fire then the psychiatrist and someone from the SAO should be lit on fire.  So if the "powers that be" are at all uncomfortable with the predictability of outcome then they should not be allowed to "experiment" and place them around our own children.  

Because, right now, YOU are the only ones who have to suffer the consequences of their policy/action ... bring THEM into it and I submit to you we'd have a better mindset.  Perhaps it might even occur to them to stop forcing their decisions upon you, period.

It's also unclear right now what disciplinary action the student faces in school. 10 News tried to reach out to Pasco County School officials for comment, but did not hear back. More with video at

Really?  Didn't hear back, huh.  Well now, that's a mystery, eh?  A  real stumper there.  But LOL @ expecting them to be accountable without being forced in a court of law.  They are your intellectual betters ... you don't just start questioning them.  Who do you think you are?

Also, have you noticed ... there is no such thing as "disciplinary action" anymore.  If there were, this kid wouldn't still be in this school with his "extensive record," now would he?  That's because the methods they use for "disciplinary action" are things like "in school suspension."  AKA - nothing.

And one final thing.  How come they feel it necessary to mention the victim was a "special needs" student?  Think about it.  Why do libs think it's worse, in general, when the victim of a crime is a child?  Oh, and you better agree too, got me?

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