Saturday, November 26, 2011

What isn't wrong with this picture?

Notice the serious, somber, pissed-off demeanor of this poor, oppressed beret-wearing Liberal. Complete with his pin of righteousness and his ribbons of feigned significance hanging prominently. He stands in abject defiance of earning your own keep. He proudly declares that he has done quite enough. He has elected all the right politicians. He has done favors, scratched backs and made payments under the table. He has done everything a good socialist has been asked to do and now it's time to pay him back. NOW.

What's that you say? The government isn't going to take care of him and people like him? They're on their own? But but but this isn't what they ASKED for. They just wanted to kick back and take it easy and get a whole bunch of free stuff. They got the government they always wanted and now they feel jilted. Left by the wayside. Neglected, ignored and forgotten. It's as if it comes as a complete surprise to them that by creating a government which thrives on self-service, selfishness and personal advancement has somehow and mysteriously left them without any rewards to reap.

It's as if it's history repeating itself all over again. They did all they could to bring these people to power. Even though they have a long-standing history of breaking promises they have somehow and mysteriously broke yet another promise. It turns out that even though it happens time and time again in every socialist society, it's also happening here- the people who get the power only want more power and the people they used to get there feel somehow... used.

It's a complete mystery to them that doing favors, under the table dealing, and "one hand washes the other" politics leads ONLY to corruption and squandering of money. Weirdly and mysteriously, all that money ends up in the hands of the powerful. So there these people stand. Left out. Dejected. No better off than they were before they sold out.

And now they're angry. They ignored the facts, they ignored reality and now they pay the price of their own greed and stupidity. Of course, it goes without saying that after having lived a life in denial, they're unable to accept personal responsibility for their dismal situation and commence with finding someone to blame for their misfortune.


ragweed said...

After all he is a "Knight".

There is one item you will not see in any of the photos, and that is the help wanted section because that is what they wipe there asses with.

Evil_Klown said...

Are you sure this guy isn't making fun of them? If I had to bet I'd bet he was mocking them.

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