Thursday, October 13, 2011

What do you think when you think of Zimbabwe?

When the word "Zimbabwe" gets mentioned, what goes through your mind?  Mugabe? Currency disaster? Hyper-inflation?  Starvation? Human rights violations? Tyranny?

Yes, me too ... but here's something else going on there I thought you'd be interested in knowing.  It seems that there were some women going around raping men to get their semen for some sort of ritual.  Yes, yes, I knew you'd be as offended as I.

It seems that the men are pretty much left penniless after the sex (I said PENNILESS, not penisless, dumbasses) but I guess that's pretty much the same as here in America.

In October last year, police chief Augustine Chihuri was forced to address the unusual crimes, warning that the rapists would be would "professionally dealt with accordingly without fear or favour". 

"Let me warn all social miscreants who are soiling the country's social fabric, cultural norms and values by perpetrating abominable and weird activities of women sexually molesting men, sometimes at gunpoint, to stop the practices forthwith," he warned. More on the story here:

"Forthwith" -- good word.  I'd replace it with "right McNow" but you know .... whatever. I'll tell you what else I learned about Zimbabwe this morning.

Zimbabwe has three official languages and English is one of them.

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