Thursday, October 13, 2011

Obama's answer to everything - squander your money

In Flint, Michigan, Vice President Joe Biden suggested that more rapes and murders could occur if President Barack Obama's jobs bill is not passed. More here: 

Ha ... you have to love the Democratics for maxing out the rhetoric on everything. For them, everything is a dire emergency except your job opportunity. 

They do the same thing with global warming ... "Give us your money or the whole planet is going up in flames ... and it's all our (America's) fault." Oh sure, they'll SAY your job is important if they think that's going to get you to be ok with paying more taxes but that's about it. If you ask them about taking their jackboot off the throat of business they'll pretend they didn't hear you.

Yes, they spent and squandered and blathered ... stimulus after stimulus to save the economy ... but it didn't work. You know why? The government cannot create jobs. The government is not a "producer." The government is a leech. The government doesn't create wealth. It just steals (and squanders) your money ... that's it. 

But what do the genius Democratics say? We didn't spend enough ... we don't have enough regulations. What we need is more government regulation and more government spending ... you know why? Because government regulation and spending make for good economic growth ... can't you tell? 

Seriously, if government regulation (leveling playing fields) and government squandering were good for the economy, shouldn't we be experiencing an economic boom like we've never seen? 

I mean, the Democratics have squandered more money in the last few years than can be imagined ... and yet, here we are ... but have the Democatics learned? No, the answer is no ... I think it was Ann Coulter who said, (I'm paraphrasing) "if liberals were capable of learning, they'd be conservatives."

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