Monday, September 5, 2011

Brutal action - coulda been brutaller

COPELAND (CBS4) – A 90-year old southwest Florida woman remains hospitalized after she lost her leg in an alligator attack.

Florida wildlife officials said Margaret Webb was walking near her home in Copeland, a small community east of Ft. Myers, on Wednesday when an 8-foot alligator lunged out of a canal. The gator clamped onto Webb’s leg and tried to drag her into the water.

Webb, however, was able to hang on long enough for a man driving by to stop and help her. That good Samaritan tried to shoot the alligator but it got away. More here:

I wonder if the lady was a lib who constantly votes to "protect" these damn things.  I mean, I've got no cause to go killing alligators (or anything else) at random but if you allow them to cruise your neighborhood unmolested then reasonably intelligent people will anticipate the occasional mayhem. But for libs, it's like the Spanish Inquisition ... nobody expects it.

Meanwhile, she's out meandering at 90 years old?  I guess she kept herself in fairly good shape ... a conclusion I buttress by pointing out the fact she was able to hold off an eight-foot gator whilst it munched her drumstick.

See, if I were a reporter though, I'd have asked the question.  Ma'am, are you a lib or are you a victim of libs?  Certain Klowns are curious.

Lastly, I know there's no such word as "brutaller" so save your helpful emails you dumbass libs.

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