Monday, August 22, 2011

Maxine Waters with more words of brilliance

Heh, these idiot libs sure hate the Tea Party don't they?  Aren't these people the ones always saying how everyone else should dial back the rhetoric and not engage in the politics of hate?  It's fun to watch them flail about as they lose power ... angry, angry, Democratics.

Tsk tsk, things are no longer going her way and she is pissed ... I mean REALLY pissed ... can you tell?  Can you guess where this congresswoman is from?  That's right ... southern California ... the Los Angeles area ... hey, thanks for electing her, asshats.  Trust me, if I have a say in bailing out California when the time comes, I hope there's a spot on the ballot that says "uh ... nay."

Hey, Maxine ... the Tea Party isn't done kicking your ass.  Yours and other like you.  We're sick of your mooching and driving our American family broke through your idiotic social experimentation and letting the lawyers sue us silly. I can't WAIT until November 2012.  I predict a new era for America ... finally.  As far as I'm concerned the Democrat Communist party can go straight to hell.

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