Monday, August 22, 2011

Another reason I love Libs... they're so above it all.

This is from yet another blog which has banned me from making comments. (In this case, he merely asked politely to stop commented since he was unable to actually ban me but that's another story entirely.)

I won't provide a link because his blog is down anyway due to the fact that he lacks the resources to properly manage it while on a "roadtrip". Based on the post about which I'll be commenting here, that means he's jetting off to some very exclusive spa "somewhere you've probably never heard of" or other.

The post:
Dishwasher Advice?

An Ask J-Walk question:

I'm helping my mother buy a new dishwasher but the reviews on Amazon are too few to make any sound judgment. With Home Depot reviews (where we might make the purchase) I am less confident in using. Are you happy with yours, and what do you have?

Yes, I'm happy with our dishwasher. I don't know what kind it is, but hold on a second and I'll go check… OK, it's a Viking. It's a built-in model with a wooden front, so it doesn't even look much like a dishwasher until you open it. Best of all, it's very quiet.

Who has some dishwasher recommendations for Alex?

Let's analyze this interesting post.

"I'm helping my mother buy a new dishwasher but the reviews on Amazon are too few to make any sound judgment."- Okay- you're helping your mother buy a new dishwasher. I'll call "maybe" on this one. "The reviews on Amazon are too few" though? I call "bullshit". Amazon [and then Home Depot] is the only place to get reviews on dishwashers? Again, I call "bullshit". Next stop after Amazon and Home Depot is naturally j-walk... I definitely smell a rat. 

If you read his blog at all, he'd be the last person you'd be asking for advice on appliances and certainly dishwashers. It never occurred to me that he even uses plates made out of a material other than paper let alone that he'd wash the ones he has.

"I don't know what kind it is, but hold on a second and I'll go check… OK, it's a Viking."
He's so above it all that he doesn't know what kind of dishwasher he has. I can buy that. I don't know what kind of dishwasher I have either. However, he continues that "it's a Viking". 

Here's my take on Viking appliances. I've paid some attention to their stoves and while I like what I've seen, I don't own one- mostly because $4k+ for a stove seems a bit steep to me. I'm sure they're very good stoves though. 

I know two kinds of people who buy Viking appliances. 
1. People who live in fancy neighborhoods and know that if they're ever going to sell their home, they're going to have a much easier time of it if they have Viking appliances because "the people that buy this kind of place are going to demand Viking appliances". 
2. People who have more money than time and only want the best for themselves and their families... even if they don't cook.
3. People who do cook and consider it an important hobby that warrants the use and enjoyment of the very best equipment.
4. People who don't cook but want to impress their house guests with their high standards in appliances. And when asked, "is it really that much better than my Frigidaire?" they can confidently non-reply, "it better be."

Notice how none of them don't know or don't care that they have a Viking appliance. 

Viking dishwashers are less expensive than their stoves but at $1200+ for a dishwasher, you're talking about something being priced at three times the price of a fully reliable and functional device. For that reason, I can only believe that you thought about your purchase- even if it's just a little bit. If you're going to spend multiples of what you need to spend, it should occur to you to think about what you're doing. At least I think it should.

The most dubious part about the last statement I quoted though is not that he owns a Viking dishwasher. It's not that he represents that he's unaware of the dishwasher he owns. It's not even that some random person would think to ask him for a recommendation about which dishwasher to buy. All of those events are plausible if you're enough of an optimist or Liberal foolish to believe everything you hear.

What I find hardest to believe is that with all those things being so questionable in the first place, he goes on to post about it on his blog which has over 1,200 readers a day. I mean, even a Hollywood celebrity will tell everyone who listens that she drives a Bentley. Perhaps he just ran out of people to try to impress.

Either way, I'm calling "bullshit" on the post. I think he had a brownout when he bought it like the last working stiff on the block to buy a flat screen tv. I think he knows damn well what he has and was going to bust if he didn't tell everyone possible. I also think it's less than six months old.

Perhaps someone could direct him to watch "It's a Wonderful Life". There's a particular scene where George Bailey comments on Violet's dress and she says, "What? This old thing? Why, I only wear it when I don't care how I look." 

Say what you will about my taking the time to post about this at all but my point is that there's nothing wrong with being pretentious- lots of people do it and some of them are otherwise good people. My point is that you have to leave it to a Lib to be pretentious and act like they never noticed what they have when all logic and reason point in another direction entirely.

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scot/nitwit/pushbroom/and other stupid names said...

But I got banned. If I use my established email address, I get a blocked message. I have to use the email addresses of all my friends and students to post there. I'm about four or five different people. They have to know which ones are me by now. I'm going to become liberal poster when he returns and post some real stupid shit that his congregation will eat up.

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