Saturday, November 6, 2010

PBS - Fair and objective

Bold is mine:

MARK SHIELDS, PBS: I will say this about Nancy Pelosi: the great CBS commentator Eric Sevareid (commie) said the boys run for high office to be something, the men run for high office to do something. I’ll change that to adolescents and grown-ups, and Nancy Pelosi, whatever anybody says about her, she has done, she has accomplished as Speaker, she has been a more effective Speaker than anybody in my lifetime. Forget, I mean, Newt, Newt Gingrich (Conservative), nothing compared to her. This is a woman who rivals Tip O’Neill (Democratic,) Sam Rayburn (Democratic,) the great speakers of the House, but she became the face and the poster child to run against in 2010, and Republicans ran very effectively against her. And I think that is worth a study as to why she became such a lightning rod.  More at Newsbusters:

How about that ... all the "great speakers of the house" are Democratics.  The "great CBS commentator" is a commie. 

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich? (Contract with America -- all the legislation he got passed in the first hundred days -- he's nothing.) Right, and I want my tax money supporting this asshat?  I reckon not.

By the way .. here's some info on one of his heroes, Eric Sevareid.

Internal FBI documents, declassified in 1996, show that the bureau took an active interest in Eric Sevareid's reporting as well as his activities during the early 1950s. A March 1953 document, titled "Security Information", is one of several FBI documents that chronicle Sevareid's activities during the 1940s. In particular the document mentions that in 1941 Sevareid was alleged to have been a Communist while at the University of Minnesota and goes on to note his involvement in an awards banquet held by the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee(JAFRC) in 1945. JAFRC is noted as being a Communist organization... More here

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