Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Fed cannot be stopped

The Fed's action may in fact lower borrowing costs, but it has counteracting effects in other ways, especially through the weakening of the dollar, which raises the cost of imported oil and thus of gasoline...

Meanwhile, the price of US crude oil jumped $2.5 a barrel to $87. It is up 20pc since markets first concluded in early September that 'QE2' was a done deal. This amounts to a tax on US consumers, transferring US income to Mid-East petro-powers. Copper has behaved in much the same way. So have sugar, soya, and cotton...

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Exactly ... now, just wait for the inflation.   And they'll say "how were we to know that would happink?"  No worries though ... the media will tell you who's fault it is ...  it's BUSH!!

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