Monday, October 4, 2010

Why does Obama hate "Americans for Prosperity?"

So there's a group called "Americans for Prosperity."  Obama hates them and says their name seems so innocuous but they're bad for America because they donate to conservative candidates.  Everything is perfectly OK when "Democratic" groups (Daily Kos, Media matters, George Soros, objective jourrrrnailists from all mainstream media outlets, etc etc) donate to the Democrats ... but ... all of a sudden, everyone has become racists and are now donating like crazy to conservatives ... and Obama hates it ... HE HATES IT.

He hates the marches on Washington by the Tea Party, Glen Beck, etc etc.  And ... as I'm sure you all heard, (because the media blasted that info out) the "Democratics" decided to have their own march on the Washington mall.  You can check out their march in the video below.  I"m sure you'll find it as interesting as I did.  You can thank "Americans for Prosperity" for the video.

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scot said...

I haven't seen any photos or video of the democrat event and my computer won't play any of the videos your site offers, but I have heard that the demonrat event was chock full of marxist/communist placards and discarded US flags.

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