Monday, October 4, 2010

Yet another case of the concensus being completely and utterly wrong.

Somehow, getting a lot of sheep to follow the herd doesn't mean as much as the sheep think it does...

We conducted a web search for “Global Warming and Maple Syrup” and found over 150,000 sites – almost all proclaim that the maple syrup industry is in deep peril given the threat of global warming. This must surely be seen as bad news for all those who enjoy maple syrup on waffles, pancakes, oatmeal, crumpets, and French toast (and in any number of desserts as well). Before you think this threat is less than serious, be aware that maple syrup is big business in New England and in Canada.

But, as with most things you read about on the majority of websites, the fate of maple syrup turns out to be not nearly as bad as portrayed. In fact, the future may be even better for maple syrup production than the past.
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Evil_Klown said...

Personally, I don't like how they're harming the trees when they stick those "drainers" in there to drain the life-blood out of the tree ... just so libs will have something to put on their 100% whole wheat waffles.

I think we should block all further tree drilling ... and also tax the ELS out of the syrup ... and make all the different counties make different blends ... and all the syrup should be sugar free (unsugared syrup) starting in 2011.

WOMBAT said...

Well, I'm a fan of the maple syrup and although I wouldn't expect a city slicker like yourself to know this, taking the sap doesn't harm the tree.

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