Sunday, October 3, 2010

What ... dat? Dat ain't mines.

OCTOBER 1--A Florida man arrested Wednesday on drug charges told cops that a bag of cocaine found hidden inside his buttocks did not belong to him. Though the suspect did cop to ownership of a bag of marijuana hidden alongside the coke.

During the search, when Deputy Sean Cappiello "felt a soft object in the crack of his buttocks," the suspect "began to tense up."

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Way to go, genius.   I salute you.  He almost believed you and let you walk.  You were soooo close ... barely missed.  Now, go tell the judge all about it, he'll understand.


ragweed said...

He heard they get more money for "crack" cocaine.
It also explains when I use to hear the drug users say "Man thats some good shit"

scot said...

If he ran for office--any office--democrats would still vote for him.

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