Saturday, October 9, 2010

Finally - The Secret!

The lottery - it's really just a tax on poor people, or those who are mathematically challenged, right? Well now there's an easy way to win...

Your fortune awaits


Evil_Klown said...

Yes, because some numbers have a bigger chance of hitting ... why didn't I think of this.

LOL @ "When playing a 5-number game, make sure your digits total between 104 & 176 because 70% of winners hit in that range." My guess is, if you did the math, you'd find that range accounts for 70% of the possibilities (or very close.)

The only thing that is slightly true about this video is the part about "sharing" the prize. As for sequential numbers not hitting? Here's one from a few days ago.

The trouble with math is ... it's math ... it outcome cannot be changed by the whining wishes of libs.

WOMBAT said...

The "trouble" with math is the beauty of math.

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