Saturday, October 9, 2010

Church? Puh-Lease!

I get it that people of, let's say, "off-beat interests" like to hang out together. I get it that the stranger the "hobby", the harder it is to meet and associate with folks who appreciate your particular peccadillo. But to call body "modification" a church - you lost me completely.

Nonsense here.


Evil_Klown said...

I'd guess this to be a less-than-transparent attempt to get tax exempt status, nothing more.

When the Fair Tax is implemented, religious organizations will no longer get the tax breaks. Neither will so-called "charities" -- which use 90% of their "donations" to pay the salaries of the charity owners/employees and then donate 10% to their favorite causes.

WOMBAT said...

10%. I never knew you to be an eternal optimist until just now.

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