Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Smart Lady

“Sometimes when I look at all my children, I say to myself, "Lillian, you should have stayed a virgin."”

Lillian Carter, mother of Jimmy and Billy Carter.

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WOMBAT said...

And yet Joy Behar insists that Jimmy Carter wasn't so bad and Bill Maher zealously agrees with her.

MAHER: Well, I don’t know if you need a tough guy. I think you would need a guy like Bill Clinton who can make the argument. That is what they’re so bad about doing, is making the counterargument. Jimmy Carter, you know, who was always portrayed as this weak, ineffectual President, you know, he’s out plugging that book, so I see him all around. You know, he was a better proponent of what Democrats actually believed in. He was saying the other day, I heard him on 60 Minutes say that during his administration they never fired a shot, not a bullet, not a missile. He said, you know what, I thought, as the world’s superpower, we had the obligation to be the peacemaker. I think that’s fantastic. What a choice that would be for a voter because we don’t have that kind of choice. People say there’s not enough bipartisanship. There’s too much bipartisanship. If both parties are for using the army in Afghanistan to fight terrorism, that’s not too much bipartisanship. That’s not enough.

BEHAR: Well, and the tragedy is that Jimmy Carter has been vilified as the worst President in the United States history, practically, besides George W. Bush, of course, and it’s really not very nice for people to say that.

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