Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My congressional district race - North Carolina 7th

Mike McIntyre

My current congressman is Mike McIntyre. He's a "Democratic" who has been in office since 1997. He has surprised me a number of times by voting against the stimulus, against the bailouts, etc etc but he still votes with Pelosi a lot. What I'm trying to say is, it could be worse, much worse, but at least he isn't a HUGE lefty.

One of my main problems with him is he does not support the Fair Tax. I have written him many times about it but he has chosen to stick with the status quo which means taxing everything that is visible and invisible. I think the Fair Tax would go a long way in taking power from government and stopping their ability to spend and create new agencies every time one of those morons drops his bottled water.

So what are the chances of electing a conservative in this district ... let's just take a gander at the history, shall we?

Yes, so ... just after the Civil War about 140 years ago ... I guess we're "due." Also, it cracks me up that they call the Democrats "Democratic." Of course, Wikipedia is a lefty site so they'll take every opportunity at the brainwashing, similar to the mainstream media.

His opponent this time around is Ilario Pantano. To tell you the truth, I wasn't very excited about the race given the history and all ... I sort of gave it the "what chance do we have" attitude and didn't pay him much attention.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a political ad run by McIntyre. It claimed his opponent supported "putting a 23% tax on everything you buy" (a clear reference to the Fair Tax and a blatant, disgusting, misrepresentation and lie.) That was it. I decided this race needed my attention.

Ilario Pantano

I checked out his website and decided to use the "Contact" link to send an email asking about his position on the Fair Tax. I wait a week, no answer. So I email back again with the following:
About a week ago I used this form to ask whether you supported the Fair Tax or not. I never got a reply. I'm not impressed.

This time I got a response ... here is:

Evil Klown, my original reply to you on Ilario's behalf got kicked back and I didn't follow it up because I thought that in light of all the raucous hoopla surrounding Ilario's stance on the Fair Tax (McIntyre has been running false advertising about it) and our own response ads, I thought your email was unserious. We get a lot of that.

So when I went back to check on your contact info, I noticed that you spell "klown" with a "k" - and I had typed it in to my email wrong. (And I also got lost for 45 minutes last week when my nav system took me to Lazy Trl, instead of Lazee Trl. The cutesiness is killin' me! ;)

To answer your original question: yes, IP is in support of the FairTax. You can see his position noted here: 2010 NC Statewide_Candidate_Scorecard_Post

Sorry for the delay in properly responding to you. I, for one, am impressed you persisted.

Heidi Thiess
E-Campaign Director

Update: And it just got kicked back again because I tried sending it to gmail instead of hotmail. I am havin' a hell of a Monday! Oy.

Ok, nav system? Lazy Trl vs Lazee Trl? I finally figured out she meant the navigation system in her car.  She lives in Texas and her ability to distinguish between "K" vs "C," "Hotmail" vs "Gmail" etc is somehow extending itself to her navigation system and causing a lot of inexplicable results ... "Oy."

Also, I say "hell" all the time but never in correspondence with an unknown person. I mean, is it just me? I'm going to have to call a huge "nay" on that.

Ok, so he supports the Fair Tax -- cool -- I'm getting more excited about things. I still know we probably won't win but that's cool. I want to feel like I've tried. So I use his website again to click on the "Volunteer Opportunities." You know, I figure I can plant signs, knock on doors, make phone calls ... SOMETHING so I feel Like I've made an effort rather than just talking shit all the time.

Well, that was two or three days ago and I haven't heard anything yet. Amazing huh? What else, there was something else ... oh yeah ... when you go to his website there's a section called "10 things you can do." So I checks 'er out and a couple of the things are to check out his Facebook page and his Twitter etc ... so I checks 'em out.

My first impressions? A bit of a religious nut. Why? Because the first thing that pops out at me when visiting these pages isn't policy but religion. Check them for yourself to see if I'm being overly sensitive.

Anyway, nosir, don't like it. Why? Because, in my opinion, people who think it's necessary to blast their religious beliefs at every opportunity also think YOU should be following their religion. And congressmen with massive power can make that happen to varying degrees. Try to buy a beer around here on Sunday morning and see how you do ... the Taliban doesn't like that idea and it ensures YOU will follow their religious beliefs.

Ok, so ... Pantano supports the Fair Tax and wants to cut spending and stop the massive growth of government. Bottom Line - given the alternatives, I am going to vote for Pantano. I might even do some volunteer work for him if I ever hear back from his campaign.

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jules said...

I hear you on the religious front, I don't care what you believe but when it comes to being in the public eye, unless your a preacher, keep it to yourself. As for the Fair Tax, I'm glad to see that somebody is willing to back it, but at the same time I'm a little skeptical about it seeing as it's a natural opposite of what his opponent believes in and gets him votes. If he's all for it for real than I say more power to him.

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