Friday, August 6, 2010

Someone is in trouble - not! It was just a mistake.

MEXICO CITY — Authorities in Mexico say a newborn baby girl declared dead by doctors revived inside her coffin during her wake.

Hidalgo state Attorney General Jose Rodriguez says the parents heard a strange noise coming from the tiny casket. Opening it up, they found her crying and very much alive.

Rodriguez told state public radio Thursday that the doctor who pronounced the girl dead at a hospital in the town of Tulancingo is being investigated for possible negligence.

The baby, who was born prematurely Monday, is in stable condition at a different hospital.

From here:

I wanna know how this happens in 2010. (The pic above is just a random zombie baby.)

I wonder if you can get a refund on a used baby casket.  I'd argue it doesn't count as used.


A is A said...

Babies poop a lot. Maybe they'd pro-rate it. Hell, if I were in there - I'd poop a lot.

Anonymous said...

Embalming fluid? We don't need no steenking embalming fluid!

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