Saturday, August 7, 2010

United Nations still trying to tax the crap out of you

Bold is mine:

By ARTHUR MAX, Associated Press Writer Arthur Max, Associated Press Writer

BONN, Germany – Carbon taxes, add-ons to international air fares and a levy on cross-border money movements are among ways being considered by a panel of the world's leading economists to raise a staggering $100 billion a year to fight climate change.

Hey ... ARTHUR MAX ... very nice of you to inform us that this is  a panel of the "world's leading economists."  Seriously, if you hadn't been so kind as to point it out I'd have thought it was just a panel of socialist/communist/Marxists etc etc with my best interests at heart.  I know ... they only want to tax me for my own good right?  There are no other economists who disagree with these "leading economists" ... right?

Tell me, by "leading economists" do you mean a bunch of braying asshats who get paid by the UN (i.e. my tax money) ... is that who you mean?  Why don't you mention the myriad "leading economists" who disagree with the communists?  You know ... the ones who actually work for a living as opposed to getting a government check.  Did you forget all about them?  Are you purposely trying to present only one side of this issue?  You wouldn't do that would you?  I'm sure you're very "objective" and this was just an oversight, right?

British economist Nicholas Stern told international climate negotiators Thursday that government regulation and public money also will be needed to create incentives for private investment in industries that emit fewer greenhouse gases.

Hey, Nicholas Stern, aka Dumbass, if getting away from fossil fuels right now is going to be so profitable, then why do we need "government regulation and public money" to create incentives for private investment?

"Public money" ... by that you mean MY money, right, crapstain? Was any "public money" used to revolutionize the computer industry? Did Henry Ford get any "public money?"

No, the experts on "public money" are you pigs feeding at the public trough. I want you to get off my wallet and stop telling me why I need to give more money to fund your idiotic "studies." I want you to get a real job and then hand over some of your earned money to me. How's that sound, jackass?

In short, a new industrial revolution is needed to move the world away from fossil fuels to low carbon growth, he said.

Good, then let it happen. We don't need people like you for any industrial revolution so just pipe down. All you are is a leech on society ... a drag ... a moron. You ought to be jailed.

Wait a second ... (answering phone call) ... "Yes, yes, Ok, I'll tell him.  Hey ... Messrs Stern &  Max ... a dead horse called ... he said STOP BEATING ME!!!"

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