Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NAACP is nothing more than a bunch of bigots?


"We don't care about the pigment of one's skin," he said. Dennis accused the NAACP of playing the "race card" and called the organization "irrelevant."

St. Louis Tea Party organizer Bill Hennessy wrote on the group's website Tuesday that the Tea Party stands for smaller government and fiscal responsibility, and accused the NAACP of abandoning black America.

"When you look at the crime and poverty and family breakdown of the African-American community ... you see a half-century of failure by the NAACP," he wrote. "None of those persistent problems was caused by the Tea Party movement, yet the principles of the Tea Party are exactly what's needed to wind down the multigenerational destruction in the African-American community.

"The NAACP was once a vital weapon in the war against segregation and oppression. All that's left is a bigoted and malicious shell that does far more harm than good for people who need a break," he wrote.

Fellow St. Louis Tea Party organizer Dana Loesch accused the NAACP of morphing into a political organization.

"They no longer prioritize civil rights," she told Fox News. More here:

My take?  The NAACP may have been a civil rights organization at some point, but I don't remember it.  I've always thought they were nothing more than black racists dressed up in suits.  They don't do anything for black people.  All they do is point and holler "witch" "racist" at white people.


WOMBAT said...

The truth is that without racism, they're out of business. Because of that, who is the most likely suspect for perpetuating racism?

AlwaysSearching said...

Exactly, racism is their business model. Zimmerman was found not guilty, now they think they can re open the case? WTF is this??!! Who do these bigots think they are??

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