Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Facts? They mean nothing to liberals

You know the part I like best about this video.  When the reporter asks Harry Reid why he didn't allow Senator Session's bill (on E-Verify) up for a vote -- and Harry says -- this is why we need comprehensive reform, we can't do it piecemeal.

Excuse me?  You can't let employers use the E-Verify unless you do "comprehnsive immigration reform?"  Why not?  I ask you ... is Harry an idiot?  Or does he think we're idiots?  Cuz I'm thinking it's one or the other.

And yes, he's in total denial about how illegal immigration is affecting jobs and the economy in general ... not to mention costing us billions of our hard-earned dollars.  Politicians who steal our money like this need to be jailed.


ragweed said...

What a flaming asshole.

WOMBAT said...

"That is why we need comprehensive reform, we can't do it piecemeal."

That's actually what he said. However, his response presumes that the question answered itself but it doesn't. The question was, "Why didn't you allow for a vote?"

If I were the one conducting the interview, I'd be asking for clarification there (and likely be called a racist as a result). Specifically, I'd be asking "why didn't you allow for a vote?" until I got an answer to my question.

The truth is that Democrats want illegal immigrants in our country just so that they can afford to have the manicured landscapes that their Republican neighbors have. They claim to be the champions of the oppressed yet they're the ones doing the oppressing.

If these immigrants came into the country legally, they'd be able to command much better wages and that's the last thing Democrats want. By keeping them illegal, they're keeping them affordable for the pretentious masses yearning to seem rich (without having to earn it first).

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