Friday, July 25, 2014

The libs don't think you should watch TV

You had such good intentions for when you got home from work: go to the gym, call a friend and sort out that paperwork.
But after a hard day in the office you ended up slumped on the sofa in front of the television instead. If you feel bad about it you’re not alone - scientists have discovered that watching television at the end of a long day can make you feel guilty and like a failure. More here:

That's right.  Everyone else feels guilty ... like a failure, if they watch TV after work ... and you should too ... you know, if you're a brainless, cud-chewing sheep.

This kind of crap cracks me up.  One commenter summed up my feelings:

Oh, great! A "study" by a communications major, appearing in a Journal of Communications!

Yeah, sure: people watch TV every night just so they can feel guilty and bad about themselves!

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