Friday, March 21, 2014

There I was .... just trying on shoes ... when ALL OF A SUDDEN ...

MARCH 20-- Police are searching for a man who posed as a podiatry student and sucked the toes of a woman trying on shoes at a Walmart in North Carolina. 

The suspect, approached the 35-year-old victim Monday morning inside a store in Lincolnton, a city about 40 miles northwest of Charlotte. Claiming to be a podiatry student, the man struck up a conversation with the victim and “talks [her] into trying on several pair of shoes in the shoe department," according to police. 

“At one point the suspect took the victim’s foot, put it into his mouth and sucked the victim’s toes,” cops added. 

The suspect, a black male wearing a sweater and tan pants, departed the Walmart after the woman extricated her toes from his clutch. Suspect pic and article here:

Ok, I have just one question.

How long did she let him suck her toes before she figured it crossed the line?

One minute?  Two minutes?  Until someone she knew saw her?  How long was it?

Cuz I'm only of average intelligence but when someone's mouth gets close to my feet, I'm aware of it.  It's not as if "Oopsie daisy, someone is sucking my toes ... ALL OF A SUDDINK."

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