Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Liberal/Anti-Gun genius shares his wisdom

This post has it all, doesn't it?

One of your intellectual betters sharing part of his vast depository of knowledge.

Oh yes ... ever notice?  They (idiot-liberals) are never slow with the dispersal of their great genius.  Just watch some TV "news" for two minutes  and you'll see what I mean.  They can't go that long without lecturing you.  All of them sitting there ... wanting to be first to tell you "It's not about ______, it's about _______.

Luckily for them, facts are unimportant.  The important thing is for you to agree with them and share their views.  And this is the ever present conundrum of the lib ... they don't understand why they can't just force their views on others ...  the universe seems unfair to them with regard to this.

But they seem to have found a way around the constitution possible way to do it.  All they need to do is vote your rights away.  That's right, a majority means they can do what they want.  Just like when the "majority" in the south wanted to keep slavery ... see what I mean?

After all, everyone would be so much better off if we just followed their orders.  And it's not like they would be mean slave drivers ... nossir .... they'd be very benevolent masters ... you know ... if they could just FORCE you to obey.

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