Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Immigration law? Nah, we just make it up as we go.

A federal immigration judge ruled Tuesday that President Obama’s uncle can remain in the United States, sparing him deportation to his native Kenya in a case that riveted attention on the elderly man who had lived under the radar in this country for 50 years. For most of that time, he was here illegally.

Boston immigration Judge Leonard I. Shapiro said Onyango “Omar” Obama can now get a green card, and in five years, apply for US citizenship, unless the Department of Homeland Security appeals the case within 30 days.

“Congratulations,” Shapiro said after he announced his decision. “Welcome to America.”

Hey judge, can't say as I blame you.  

I'm guessing you don't want a thorough colonoscopy performed by the IRS.

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