Friday, November 22, 2013

The news media, they'd NEVER be one-sided about an issue

So Wombat linked me to an article in the NYT about the recent "rules change" regarding filibusters in the senate.  I noticed the following sentence:

"The decision to press the button on the so-called nuclear option was no doubt cathartic for a Democratic majority driven to distraction by Republican obstructionism."

LOL ... The filibuster is "Republican obstructionism." And what did this honorable and forthright jourrrnalist have to say when the Democratics were holding up Bush's nominees?

Answer: Not a damn thing and I'll tell you why.  You see, it wasn't "obstructionist" then.  Got that?  Sheep?

Of course, if the Republicans ever take back control of the Senate, the Democratics will start with the squealing and the media will be amplifying the squeals.  And who loses in all this?  I ask you, who loses when "the majority rules?"

And what did Obama and the Democratics have to say about this when the Republicans threatened to do it years ago?  I guess the media doesn't know about this ... otherwise they'd be screaming hypocrisy from the rooftops, no? H/T Wombat for the video embed code.

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