Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Winning a sports contest by too many points is now "bullying"

The coach of a Texas high school football team has been accused of bullying in a formal complaint after his team beat another school 91-0. More here:

Guess what, I have something to say about this.

Have you noticed?  All the libs ever think about is "a level playing field."  Except, once the field is level and you whip their asses, they cry anyway.

And then they start with the liberal labels ... labels that signal the rest of the sheep to bleat in unison because, "you don't disagree with THIS do you?"   That's right ... if you want to be thought of as smart and cool, (the constant focused ambition of the modern lib) then you'll agree with us.

Some of the words they use to get the sheep bleating in unison:
  • Free-market capitalist
  • Nazi
  • Racist
  • Bully
Can you think of any others?

I think the jourrrrnalist left something out ... as is the wont of libs.  Did he ask the other dad what an acceptable ass-whoopin' score would be?  Cuz I think I would have asked that.  Did he ask the other dad if his kid's team was in the proper division?  Or if there were other divisions/levels of play?

I only ask this because 91-0 seems like a fairly large disparity in ability.   But that's just me. 

I wonder if the coach told the kids and parents "we're not good ... we're going to get our asses kicked out there because:"

We don't have the experience.
We don't have the money.
Our players are little girls.
I suck as a coach.

Or does the coach, (like the dad) feel entitled to play just because "we have just as much right to be here as they do." (Another lib mantra.)

In conclusion, I find it a bit weird they left out the real culprits ... the referees.

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