Thursday, October 3, 2013

BarryCades are everywhere

The pic above is of a turn-around for buses at Mount Vernon.  Mount Vernon is not funded by the government ... it's a private non-profit.  However, I guess the government feels the bus turn-around is a major upkeep/expense item that just CANNOT be left "open" during this brutal government shutdown. More here:

So the government slimdown is REALLY pissing off the Democratics.

I was watching Harry Reid the other day ... speaking from the Senate floor ... crying and whining about it.  That's right ... because if the government is shutdown the politicians aren't busy writing laws to shove you around ... they can't find ways of spreading your money around to their buddies ... or can they?

Have you noticed the barricades (BarryCades) popping up everywhere?  Oh yes, they MUST close government properties you see.  Why, you ask?  I think I know ... why don't you try to guess.

I've visited the Washington DC mall/monuments on many occasions and I've never seen more than one or two park rangers/cops (except maybe at the Washington monument elevator.)  

And yet, if the government "shuts down," all of a sudden the place is crawling with employees putting up barriers to the monuments.  Yes, the monuments that are normally open 24 hours a day ... one of which got vandalized with green paint not more that a few weeks ago ... ALL OF A SUDDEN the BarryCades go up?  Why?  I think I know but why don't YOU try to guess.

I also noticed these Barrycades look brand new.  How about that?  If I were a jourrrrnalist I think I'd start asking some questions of the bureaucracies in charge of "shutting down" these places.
1 - Are these barricades new?  
2 - When did you acquire them?
3 - How much did they cost?
4 - From whom did you purchase?
5 - Who told you to purchase the barricades from that supplier?
6 - How many did you purchase?
7 - Do your employees have to go get them (install them) or are they delivered?
8 - How much does that cost? How much does it cost for them to be removed?
9 - Is it costing more to close the monuments that we would have spent to leave them open?

By the way, on one of my visits to the monuments (way back when) then government was "shutdown."  I recall seeing signs like this:

That's right, on previous "shutdowns" the memorials etc remained open ... but not this time.  Do you wonder why it's different this time?

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