Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jail the hardworking citizen who protects his property!


PARIS (AP) -- Outrage is growing in France over the decision to bring voluntary homicide charges against a jeweler who shot and killed an escaping robber, but the country's top security official on Tuesday urged fearful storekeepers to let justice take its course.

The 67-year-old jeweler, Stephan Turk, was confined at home with an electronic bracelet after the shooting last week that left a teenage robber dead in the street outside Turk's jewelry story in the French Riviera city of Nice. An accomplice escaped on a motorbike as the body lay in the street.  More here:

That's right, you're supposed to work hard all the time but if some peckersniff wants your stuff then you're supposed to just give it to him and pray the cops catch him later ... you know .,.. when they're not putting up DUI roadblocks and trying to peel you for being .08.

Because you see, letting the criminal get away ... that's the "smart" thing to do ... it's what the libs insist you do ... and if you instead decide to fight then they'll put you in jail ... especially if you use an AR-15 to defend yourself.

After all, they have their "slogans" you're supposed to believe.  


As a lib, it is your job to pretend it's all so profound and nod knowingly.
No amount of $$ is worth a life.

Its only money.

Let justice take its course.
"Even when faced with the unbearable, we have to let justice prevail," Interior Minister Manuel Valls said Tuesday in Nice, where he was sent by the president a day after a protest by hundreds of Turk's supporters.

See what I mean?  This jackass politician wants you to just give up your money without a fight.  And if they DO catch the guy, do you suppose they'll punish him properly?  Or do you suppose they'll let him loose to prey on society (YOU) over and over again.

Do you suppose that this was the criminal's first run-in with the law?  Yes, it was probably the first time he ever robbed someone ... and now he's dead ... see what a shame that is?

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