Monday, September 16, 2013

Internet sales tax ... aka "Free money for scum"

Yes, tell your senators ... they'll understand.  It cracks me up ... even if every single person said "no" the senators would still vote "yes."   You know why?  Because they never, EVER turn down a chance to get at your money.

Republican and Democratic state officials hope the bill will give them a new stream of revenue.

Republicans in the House are taking a step forward on Internet sales tax legislation despite potential opposition from the GOP base.

Well of COURSE they are going to tax "internet sales."  Why wouldn't they?  Is there ANYTHING they don't tax anymore?  Yes, they have slowly, over time, managed to tax everything you do and everything you buy.  And when they find they've missed something, they go forthwith to tax it.

The funniest part is, their revenue is going through the roof but they're going bankrupt.

Every single year they collect more than the prior year and they end up deeper in debt.  There's something else that's funny ... no matter how much they collect from you, it's never, EVER, enough.

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