Thursday, August 29, 2013

The media ... with all the facts you need to know

In the news recently was this beating video  This was a video taken by a school bus camera ... where three black boys jumped on a white boy and "pummeled him unmerciful."  The media outcry for justice was loud and constant non-existent.

And soon it was forgotten since there was no way any racism was involved and all the sheep went back to chewing their cuds ... while looking for signs of witches racism elsewhere.

This morning there was a lady/anchor on TV and she said the reason for the beating turned out to be "the white boy refused to buy drugs from the black boys."

Well then, that sounds logical to me, doesn't it you?  So now we know ... those black boys were trying to force that white kid to buy drugs ... tsk tsk ... sounds JUST LIKE black boys, doesn't it?  Oh yes.  Anyway, *dusting off hands* that settles that, on to the next ridiculous idiot bait news story.

So what came out of the TV was "...refused to buy drugs ...," my brain translated it to "refused to pay for the drugs."  Funny, huh? 

And while I'm at it, let me mention that I heard the words "white boy" a hundred times and the word(s) black boy(s) zero times.  More humor.

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