Monday, August 12, 2013

McCain is mystified and dumbfounded ... only this time there's a reason

A deep distrust of government has led young Americans to hold up NSA leaker Edward Snowden as a hero, Sen. John McCain said Sunday. 

“There’s a young generation who believes he’s some kind of Jason Bourne,” the Arizona Republican said during on “Fox News Sunday,” referring to the lead character in the Bourne movie trilogy who battled his own government, particularly the CIA. More here:

McCain: "Hey, since when did the people start using common sense instead of the propaganda we feed them through the media?"

Hey, McCain, you doofus ... have you noticed ... the only people who don't have "a deep distrust in government" are the idiot libs.  They NEED the government to force the rest of us to give up our liberty to do as they say ... for our own good, of course.

Think about it, without the government, the life of a lib is wasted ... they'd actually have to leave people alone.


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