Sunday, August 18, 2013

GOP detects possible bias in the media

The media says "If you're a Fox News viewer then you're an uninformed idiot."

The Republican National Committee (RNC) voted unanimously Friday to pull the group’s partnership with NBC and CNN for the 2016 GOP presidential primary debates unless the networks kill their planned films on Hillary Clinton.

Wait, what's this?  The major networks are going to promote Hillary Clinton and disparage conservatives? Whaaaa??????  Why ... this is a game changer ... a real wake up call.  How long has THIS been going on?

“We don't have time for the media's games,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said before the vote at the RNC summer meeting in Boston. “We’re done putting up with this nonsense. There are plenty of other news outlets.” 

 That's right, folks ... they're "done putting up with the nonsense."  I guess they figure 100 years or so of increasing bias in favor of the freedom-stealing communists statists is "enough."  Good for them for drawing the line like that.

According to the resolution, called “In support of media objectivity and accountability” and obtained by The Hill, the RNC called the planned films “political favoritism” and accused NBC and CNN of airing “programming that amounts to little more than extended commercials promoting former Secretary Clinton.”More here:

This just cracks me up ... all of a sudden, they object.

The good news?  If the major networks pull their "Hillary" films, then GOP will let them back in ... having taught them a very important lesson.  Yes.

And don't worry about the media just promoting Hillary in their usual way with slanted/biased coverage all throughout the election and beyond.

That's right folks, after she's elected, the media will reinforce your buying decision by telling you how smart you were to have voted for her.  And when the media tells you you're smart ... well ... they know what they're talking about ... those guys/gals are all geniuses.

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