Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fast food is bad ... Rich and evil are the same thing

(MoneyWatch) A coalition of labor, religious and other groups are calling for a nationwide strike of fast-food employees on August 29. 

I love how the media uses the phrase "____ calling for ____."   It's very similar to "some say."  It might be one person but the media report it as if there were throngs "saying/calling for."  You'll never know the difference ... Baaaa Bleat.

Also, notice the phrasing "coalition of  labor, religious and other groups."  They make it sound like these "groups" are varied and all coming together for this one great cause which we ALL should support.  Meanwhile, it's more like a "coalition" of sharks and piranha.  So nice of CBS to keep us informed of this major happening in all of our lives while lecturing us against the evils of fast food and the rich.

The campaign, building on a flurry of one-day work stoppages this year at franchises around the U.S., highlights the efforts by unions to enlist workers in the cause and heighten the impact of the strikes. Labor supporters say that fast-food workers are poorly paid and that their low wages subsidize the profits of multinational corporations. 

Did you hear about these?  Well, they happened.  My recall of it was about two people walked off the job at a few restaurants ... but again, the forthright, fair and objective media reported it as if it were shaking the nation and we should all be concerned.  And it sort of cracks me up, because on the one hand they look down their noses and tsk-tsk about you eating a Big Mac, and in the next breath they're threatening stikes and you should pay attention because "oh oh, might not get your Big Mac."  Sheesh.

The call for a strike came this week from a public relations agency that counts both the Service Employees International Union and United Food & Commercial Workers as clients. Both labor groups are among dozens of local and national religious, political, and union groups supporting the call for strikes. 

Again with "the call?" Enough already.  I hear there's a Klown calling for the disolution and bankruptcy of corrupt media outlets yet nothing is getting reported.  Must be a glitch somewhere.

But back to the subject ... notice the "jourrrrnalist" once again alluding to the various and disparate "groups" which really only amount to big labor asshats who are interested in getting dues-paying members.

By contrast, pro-business organizations like the Employment Policies Institute -- a PR front group created by conservative advocate Richard Berman -- rightly point out that many fast-food operations are operated by independent franchise owners who operate under tight profit margins.

Wow, the jourrrrnalist actually gave the other point of view a paragraph ... if you bothered to wade through his communist diatribe.  Anyway, never mind the facts ... we're CALLING FOR JUSTICE!

Seriously though ... what's Detroit this? Unions putting Detroit companies out of business? That's just a bunch of Detroit propaganda from the bourgeoisie to keep the proletariat down.

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