Monday, July 22, 2013

Entitled ingrate steals from benefactors

(Reuters) - Thousands of artifacts from the Wild West era were sold off during a week-long public auction by authorities in Pennsylvania's financially distressed state capital, ending on Sunday with nearly $4 million in sales. 

A dentist chair used by famed gambler, gunfighter and dentist John Henry "Doc" Holliday and a foot locker built for sharpshooter Annie Oakley were among the items sold by Harrisburg's government at the auction, which was handled by Guernsey's of New York City. More here:

This reminds me of the twenty-one year old, living in the basement of his parents house.   He demands money ... and when they FINALLY cut him off, the entitled little delinquent raids their attic and sells the loot at a pawn shop.

Of course, the parents have only themselves to blame.  What did they THINK was going to happen when they spoiled the brat?

The problem is, their spoiled brat (government) prays on the rest of the neighborhood too.  

If only there were some way to arrange it so their spoiled brats ONLY affected themselves.  Maybe we ought to think about limiting the power of the government.  Has anyone ever thought of that?

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