Friday, April 19, 2013

The libs -- they want your freedom and money -- for great reasons though

WASHINGTON—How it affects children will be one factor the Justice Department weighs as it determines how to respond to the legalization of marijuana in Washington state and Colorado, Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress Thursday. More here:

I love the pic of Eric Holder above ... it's the natural position of a lib ... reaching for your wallet/liberty.

That's right folks, just listen to the libs.  Their answers are always the same ... "Give us some more of your freedom and money ... just a little more and we'll reach Utopia ... it's all in the name of safety, the children, the environment, ... you're not against those are you ... WELL, ARE  YOU?"

And guess what, if you refuse to give them more money, they just have the government borrow more so they can hand it out to their buddies and donors ... and they will put you on their easy-credit payment plan ... that's the one where you pay for your entire life and then your children and grandchildren pay after you croak ... you greedy jackass.

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