Thursday, March 7, 2013

Shhhhh, you're in the presence of genius

A Florida legislator wants anyone trying to buy ammunition to complete an anger management program first, in what critics say is the latest example of local lawmakers reaching for constitutionally-dubious solutions to the problem of gun violence.

The bill filed Saturday by state Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, would require a three-day waiting period for the sale of any firearm and the sale of ammunition to anyone who has not completed anger management courses. The proposal would require ammo buyers to take the anger management courses every 10 years.

And then the kicker ... yes, all the genius-libs of today can't resist lecturing with "it's not about _____, it's about ______."

“This is not about guns," Gibson said. "This is about ammunition and not only for the safety of the general community, but also for the safety of law enforcement.” More here:

Ha ha, I wonder how long a genius-lib can go without uttering that line (or a variant.)

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