Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The libs ... inching along ... stealing your freedom

It's already happened in restaurants and businesses, but will smoking be banned in your own car?

State lawmakers want to make smoking in cars illegal if there is a child under 7 years old inside.

Parents like the idea. More here:

I don't know about you but I like how the helpful jourrrrnalist told me that "parents like the idea."   That way I can go ahead and join the bleating sheep herd.

Little by little they steal more and more of your liberty ... all in the name of "safety."  Oh sure, sometimes they use "health" instead of safety ... or "the chillllllllldren" ... or "the environment" ... but it all ends in the same place, doesn't it.

The libs don't want to ban marijuana though, ever notice?  

Ever hear one bitching that some kid is breathing second-hand smoke while the lib is burning an American flag? 

Anyway, today it's smoking, tomorrow it will be beer ... or potato chips ... that's right, no chips allowed in houses with kids younger than 7 ... I'd vote for it.  

How about this one ... no chips OR soda allowed in the household/car of ANY child or fat-ass.  You with me?

Oh, but Klown, they won't go any further with this ... this is just for the chilllllldren.

The British Medical Association (BMA) is calling for a ban on smoking in all cars in the United Kingdom, citing the dangers of secondhand smoke for passengers and the hazards of distracted driving for everyone on the road. More here:

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