Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sex on top of dead bodies ... now why didn't *I* think of that?


Joshua Miner remembered his teenage girlfriend confiding “years back that she wanted to have sex with a dead guy,” states a police report documenting last month’s double murder on Hickory Street.

That's why Miner got the idea to ask girlfriend Alisa Massaro to have sex with him on the corpses of two men he's accused of helping to kill, police said. 

The reports obtained by Patch detail the differing versions of events described by the two young men and two young women Miner, 24, Massaro, 18, Adam Landerman, 19, and Bethany McKee, 18 —accused of luring two men to Massaro’s Hickory Street home and strangling them. 

Police found the bodies of Terrance Rankins and Eric Glover, both 22, face down inside the house on Joliet’s near west side on the afternoon of Thursday, Jan. 10. Plastic bags were tied around the dead men’s heads, according to the reports. One of the men was bound, the other looked as if his hands had been tied at one time. More here:

That's right, another senseless plastic bag killing. Hey, I wonder if the bags were automatic bags with high head capacity ... that makes ALL the difference, doncha know.

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