Thursday, February 28, 2013

Homeowner uses gun to thwart intruders

A Texas homeowner says he was able to hold three suspected burglars at gunpoint until police arrived and arrested them. reports that Houston resident Randy Magdeleno arrived home Wednesday morning to find three juvenile suspects inside his residence.

“So I grabbed my rifle and I came around through here in my kitchen,” he told the station. “It was scary. I didn’t know what I was walking into and hearing people running around inside my house at the same time.

Magdeleno said he caught two of the suspects downstairs and another upstairs and ordered all three to lie on the floor, the station reported. He said he didn't know if they were armed.

Police eventually arrived and took the three juveniles into custody, according to the report. From here:

Well, we all know this won't be covered on the news.  But I do have a question ... he said he grabbed his rifle ... now, was it an assault rifle?  I wonder.  I'd have to guess it was an assault rifle ... you know why?  Because of the seeming complete lack of curiosity on the part of the jourrrrnalist.  
Yes, jourrrrnalists know there are some things the public/sheep just don't need to know. 
That's right, you see, the sheep aren't very smart and they might start trying to put two and two together and get five ... and we just can't take a chance on that, now can we.

There's something else he left out of the story wasn't curious about ... can you tell what it is?  Yes, we wouldn't want the sheep to get all riled up over trivial/insignificant facts, now would we.

This just goes to show you how helpful and informative the media is in general.  They have our best interests at heart.

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