Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guess what global warming is causing NOW

(Reuters) - Millions of birds have descended on a small Kentucky city this winter, fouling the landscape, scaring pets and raising the risk for disease in a real-life version of Alfred Hitchcock's horror film, "The Birds." 

 The blackbirds and European starlings blacken the sky of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, before roosting at dusk, turn the landscape white with bird poop, and the disease they carry can kill a dog and sicken humans. 

"I have seen them come in, and there are enough that if the sun is just right, they'll cloud your vision of the sun," said Hopkinsville-Christian County historian William Turner. "I estimate there are millions of them." 

David Chiles, president of the Little River Audubon Society, said the fact that migratory flocks are roosting in the city rather than flying further south is tied to climate warming. More here:

In related news, Professor Butt-Munchy over at the University of Bleating Sheep announced that his ass itches due to global warming.

But that's not all ... guess what ... a CNN "news anchor" (genius) is asking whether global warming is responsible for the recent meteor.  Luckily for her, libs are immune to the effects of humiliation and embarrassment.

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