Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tell me again, why do I vote for Republicans?

See, I vote for Republicans because I believe people should be free.

The bigger the federal government gets the more laws it writes, and the more money it needs..  The more money it steals from people, the less free they are ... period ... ask a slave.

I am not interested in giving up my freedom for the "greater good" or for any reason whatsoever.  I believe the "greater good" is maximized when everyone has the most individual freedom possible.

Of course, if you disagree with me there is nothing stopping a free person from going to live in a commune and give up as much of THEIR freedom as you like.  The "Democratics" don't look at it that way ... they think the road to their Utopia is paved with the freedom of EVERYONE.

So now the Republicans have, once again, voted to make the government bigger and to steal more money from the people.  Unlike their usual tactic which is to allow the printing of more money (which steals your money thru the devaluation of the currency) or to raise the debt ceiling and borrow more money (which you have to pay back ... so it's the same as taxing you.)

Many people do not realize that inflation is with us, and it is an extremely destructive hidden tax, especially on the poor of all nations of the world.  Inflation reduces the buying power of your money, so you become poorer, even if you have the same amount of money in the bank or in your pocket. More here:
So what about this recent vote to avert "The Fiscal Cliff?"  Ohhhhh, sounds very important, right?

Let's see, what's in Santa's bag, shall we?

$41 in tax increases for every $1 in spending cuts. More:
77% of ALL households will pay more to the federal government. More:
40 million for NASCAR. More:
Big tax deductions for Hollywood. More:
Millions for rum producers: More:
Millions for algae growers: More:
On and on and on:

The powerful give money to their buddies and the sheep bleat as usual.

And the Republicans refuse to stand up to this crap because the media will make them look bad and they might lost some of the power they have.

It occurs to me that a vote for a Republican is just a vote to delay the inevitable "paying of the piper."  Perhaps it would be best to vote for the Democratics and get the country ruined as quickly as possible.  That way we can get the bankruptcy over with and sort things out from there.

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