Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Totally objective jourrrrnalist, Sam Donaldson, says "Hee Haw, Hee Haw"

So Donaldson like so many of his colleagues in the media believe that the movement that led to an historic Republican victory at the polls in 2010 will defeat the GOP if the Party doesn’t purge itself of such people and thinking. From Newsbusters:

Hey, Sam ... did you hate it when the idiot liberals did it? 

Here are some examples ... where were you when this was going on, Sam?  Hmmm? Did you have anything at ALL to say when the idiot-libs were doing it?

In declaring his run for the presidency, Howard Dean told a crowd in Burlington, Vermont, "You have the power to take our county back!" 

A little more than half a year later, when Dean was ousted from the Democratic primary, he said the same thing once again. Nine days later, he again said "I'll be doing everything that I can to make sure that John Kerry and John Edwards take this country back."

 In fact, Howard Dean was such a fan of the phrase, he even wrote two books incorporating it into their titles: "You Have the Power: How to Take Back Our Country and Restore Democracy in America" and "Winning Back America". From whom? He doesn't say. But clearly he's a racist.

As is Hillary Clinton. In a stunning show of racial bigotry, Clinton opened her 2008 run for president by declaring the she would "take our country back."

Chuck Schumer: also a racist. After the 2006 midterms, he stated: "We really care about taking our country back… So far, sooo good."

Prominent Democratic strategists James Carville and Paul Begala are also racists. They coauthored a book in the run-up to the last presidential election titled "Take It Back: A Battle Plan for Democratic Victory."

And how about the racist Katrina vanden Hevuel, editor of the far-left, near-bankrupt magazine The Nation. She's also a racist for penning a book titled "Taking Back America".

More here:

You, Sam, are a POS.  That's one of the things I love about libiots ... they're so principled and consistent.

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