Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The well-reasoned logic of the intellectual putz

Absolute power: Swaziland's King Mswati III has been criticised by his people for his lavish lifestyle in the otherwise impoverished natio.

Why do these "benevolent rulers" always live the lavish lifestyle while the people suffer?  "Why do people accept this garbage?

Women in Swaziland have been banned from wearing miniskirts and crop tops because they 'encourage rape' - and offenders face a six-month spell in jail.

Police in Swaziland, the last absolute monarchy in Africa and an incredibly conservative nation, have resurrected an archaic colonial criminal act from 1889 to stop women wearing clothes that expose their body.

The ban also applies to low-slung jeans and tank tops. However, the 'indlamu' costume, a tiny beaded belt worn when young women dance for King Mswati topless and with their buttocks fully exposed, is permissible, authorities declared.

Classic, absolutely classic, idiot-liberals stealing your freedom always have such logic and reason behind their actions.  Always so helpful, aren't they?  Yes, you can see ... it's for the good of the people.

Hleta said this apparel is permissible because police have no records of any maiden being raped while wearing the costume.

Really?  Do they have any records of women being raped while carrying a pistol?  Maybe they ought to legalize that as well.

Note: The SADC country with the strictest firearmlegislation is Swaziland.

Ha ha, who would have guessed.

The king, who has been criticised for his lavish lifestyle in an impoverished country, already has 13 wives.

Women have also been advised on a way to retrieve dropped objects that will not make them 'culpable' in their own assaults by 'exciting males'. More here

Right, no bending over, ladies ... it might result in the old bumpa-bumpa ... we just CAN'T HELP IT.

Jeez, can you imagine?  Some jackass in the government all of a sudden saying our women canna wear miniskirts and bend over etc?  I think there would be a march on Washington with torches and so forth.

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