Saturday, December 22, 2012

The government -- focused on really important things

The Senate passed a resolution Thursday night that calls on the newspaper Village Voice “to act as a responsible global citizen” by taking down its “adult entertainment” section of its classified advertising website. More here:

Way to go ... the upper chamber of the FEDERAL government really has its priorities in order.

That's right, they are FOCUSED, baby. 

Q - Are they producing a budget? Answer: No
Q - Are they controlling spending?  Answer: No
Q - Are they protecting the border? Answer: No
Q - Are they reforming the ridiculously complicated tax code? Answer: No
Q - Are they increasing our ability to find sources of energy?  Answer: No
Q - Are they reforming our tort laws to stop ridiculous lawsuits? Answer: No

Instead they are worrying about a newspaper ... nice job you clucking morons.

OH, and another thing ... screw you and your "global citizen" crap.  Blow it out your asses.

LMAO.  Now everyone is supposed to view themselves as a "global citizen."  That is helpful in terms of their ability to steal your freedom.  Expect to start hearing this ad nauseum as the media lets the sheep know to begin bleating repeat the mantra.

That's one of the ways we let each other know how smart we are ... it's how we show we agree with the media our intellectual betters.   Yes, you see?  Our bleating shows we've been paying attention ... we're smart ... we're part of the flock ... PLEASE recognize our intelligence ... we live for the recognition.

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